Summer monsoon sunset in Tucson AZ.

Summer monsoon sunset with “angel fire”.

This site is designed to be a portal for connection, collaboration, abundance, and creativity.  Welcome!  Through various forms of place-based work and expression I seek to share what I know and love with others: where I live, what I do, what matters, and what inspires me.

If building shelter, growing food, collecting sun and rain, and becoming intimate with the place you live and love interest you, delve further. No green thumb? Don’t know a prickly pear from a devil’s claw? Never built anything? Think you’re not an artist? You’re in the right place too!

Browse colorful site images, sample blog entries, and participate in hands-on classes, comprehensive workshops, and how-to-tutorials. Learn about Arizona and the Sonoran Desert, about growing, gathering, and preserving foods, about practical passive-solar projects, and about water harvesting, natural building, water workouts, art, and other simple pleasures (see LEARN).

Combining passions for learning, teaching, and art, I also make and sell colorful local foods calendars (Sonoran Desert Foods Calendar), native foods identification guides (Beautiful Beneficial Bean Trees, Cool Cacti), and recipe booklets (Wild Recipes: Seasonal Samplings).  Other educational materials that inform, engage, and encourage action and creativity are always in the works (see SUPPORT/COMING SOON).

Some of my artwork and photos will soon be displayed in ART GALLERY.  Thumbnail images will be shown of various media, with captions describing the piece, process, and other relevant information.  Some artwork will be available for sale, as prints or originals.  Custom work also available.  Inquire if interested (see ART GALLERY/SUPPORT).

Follow monthly blog entries featured in Out in the Garden, Out in the Desert, and Out In the World, covering diverse topics including: Tiny Architects, Amazing Areoles, SunDone, Bent Black Snake, Free Energy Tastes Good, Dad’s Agaves, Stoners, Mini Miracles, Zartacla, Iguana Loves Larrea, Transandental Muditation, Fairy Chairs, Ant Misbehavin’, Skylight Hummingbird, Slow Art, Eating the Year, Summer Trills, Agua Deep, Atmospheric Perspective, Precarious Possibility, Monsoon Emergencies, Microdetritus Expert, Shower Toads, WAWWE, Como Palo Fierro (Like Ironwood), Comparative Scatology, Opportunitecture, Summer Mummies, RRRRRR, Tortuga, Some Pigs, Creosote Day Spa, Nozzle, Desert Wisdom, Re-Wilding Urban Deserts, Spine Country, Fifty Shades of Clay, Subterranean Secrets, etc.

Your support, interest, and feedback are much appreciated (see CONTACT).