How to Participate in HEAT WAVE


All HEAT WAVE Participants: Please fill out the Submit Work Form so we can contact you, let you know location and times for pre-event print and body art sessions, so artists can be credited for their art along with a contact link, and can preview your HEAT WAVE art/writing for summer printing and event.

Please see important dates listed (July 31/Aug 23/Sept 20/Oct 4) for the various ways to participate in HEAT WAVE

VISUAL ARTISTS: Help make HEAT WAVE an amazing event by creating unique art in various media related to the HEAT WAVE* theme; if anything, surviving the next scorching months qualifies anyone to participate! Please submit work anytime between now and Sept 30th, to be included in event. Your art may be displayed at event.

small_keyI’m also looking for GUEST ARTISTS who want to print their images using a printmaking technique I invented called SunDone, which will be one of the highlights of this event. This technique uses no toxic materials, low- tech methods, no special equipment, no inks, and no grid energy! Images will be printed on fabric/clothing and some on paper, to be unveiled/displayed/modeled on the evening of event. Graphics for these prints must be in black-and-white, or created from objects. There will be pre-event activities in late July, August, and September where interested artists may set up their prints and experiment with the technique.

WRITERS/POETS: Compose poetry or prose related to the theme of HEAT WAVE*, to be displayed and potentially read on evening of event. Writing must be submitted by Sept 21st to be included in event. I’d like to print some writing and poetry too; to be considered for this, work must be submitted anytime up to the end of September, so there is time to print it. Writers may help set up their prints too, if desired.
snowflake print DANCERS: Choreograph a piece related to the theme HEAT WAVE, and potentially perform piece during evening event and/or workshops. Translate what it means to live in this beautiful, extreme, poetic desert drylands, especially when the heat is on. Dance 110 degrees, dance monsoon flash floods, dance thirst, dance sunlight/burn, dance saguaro fruit falling to the ground, dance the waiting-for-rain vigil, dance sweat…
FASHION SHOW MODELS: Looking for people to model unique printed clothing. Must be available evening of event for fashion show (5-9ish). You must also supply your own dark-colored, 100% cotton, super-stylin’, clothing to wear in the fashion show (so it fits/suits you). If you want to be involved in designing and printing fashion show clothes, you must also be available sometime during the summer (late July-Aug-Sept) to do this (see Visual Artists).
body artBODY ART MODELS AND ARTISTS: Sun symbols and HEAT WAVE-related body art will be applied with paints, clay, henna, fabrics, etc. for all willing participants. Also, there will be sun print body art: because of the nature of this method, you have to have somewhat fair skin that will tan/darken to participate as a model. You must also be available the day of the event during workshop time-frame (11am-1pm), and then for part of the evening event (5-9ish). As a body art model, you can also participate in pre-event body art sessions, which will be documented in photos and/or video, to be displayed at event.
Also needed are BODY ART ARTISTS who can apply resist designs on models (clay paint, sunscreen stick, tape) during workshop Oct 4th (11am-1pm), and pre-event sessions in July and August.
PRINT/FABRIC ASSISTANTS: help thrift 100% cotton, dark-colored fabric/clothing to print, and help set up and monitor various print sites throughout the summer (July-August-September).

sunsetPHOTOGRAPHERS: over the next summer months (late July-August-September), record images related to the HEAT WAVE* theme, to be displayed during evening event at Casa Libre. Also needed are photographers to record printmaking throughout the summer, body art sessions prior to event, Oct 4th workshop activities, and Oct 4th evening event.

EVERYONE! HOTTEST SELFIES/PORTRAITS: All summer long is the best time to submit pix of you and yours enduring the sweltering marathon of a southern AZ heat-wave season. Photos will be assembled into a HOTTEST SELFIE COLLAGE, to be displayed at HEAT WAVE event on October 4th. HOTTEST SELFIE isn’t about XXX, it’s about !!!!! Everyone’s a HOTTIE when it’s 108 degrees! So start snapping shots when you’re hot and bothered, scorched and blow-torched, sweat-drenched, broiled and burnt, overheated, water-depleted, sheltering in shade, rain-washed, monsoon-tossed, dust-ridden, sun-wrinkled, seeing mirages, worshipping the cooler, decked out in summer survival gear, doing siesta, etc.
MUSICIANS: compose original music related to HEAT WAVE*, to be played or performed live at workshop/evening event. It would be great to hear music that describes Tucson in the cruelest depths of summer, monsoon storms, 100+ degree temperatures, aridity, thirst, drought, desert dreams, etc. Also, anyone who’d like to create a HEAT WAVE playlist for use (listening/dancing) during event is encouraged to do so.
solar cookingFOODIE HELP: Help prep, set-up, and serve deliciousness during the Oct 4th workshop, and at the evening event. I need 3-4 solar bakers with excellent ovens to cook easy solar food to serve for lunch (quesadillas, cookies), and for evening event (roasted potatoes, cookies). Also needed are evening servers for alcohol drinks, and prep/set-up help with evening event foods (may need to be available Oct 3rd).
EVENT VOLUNTEERS: Help set up and break down art and writing displays, tables, food, tech stuff, etc, day and evening of event. Also needed are volunteers to create photo albums–actual, for night of event, and virtual for subsequent viewing–of all the art, writing, and other pieces that were contributed to the HEAT WAVE event, plus documentation of event itself.
SPONSORS: Looking for donations of food, beverages, shade structures, funding, etc, to support the quality and success of this event!