KEY CHIMES–Scour your junk drawers and send Lorenziniworks any metal keys that no longer serve a purpose, like lone socks missing their mates. Using keys, monofilament, wire, and other recycled/upcycled materials, angelic chimes are constructed to sing songs of the wind. When enough keys are sent to make a chime, I will draw a name out of the key donators pool and send a chime to that person/household.
AQUA HULA HOOPS–Not the flimsy hoops you might recall from childhood play, these hoops are thicker, larger diameter, and made to last. The most special feature about these hoops is they hold a small amount of water, which makes them much easier to spin than hoops I remember using as a kid. The hoop also massages the abdomen and lower back when in use and is a great core workout. Purchase includes mini-lesson on use, including lifts and stalls for stretching and therapeutic uses of the aqua hoop. Only available for sale locally. CONTACT me for more info.
CIRCLE GRAPHS OF TUCSON RAINFALL AND TEMPERATURE CYCLES–Using NOAA data (~1986-present) from various weather stations around Tucson, I have begun graphing rainfall and temperature information on circular graphs based on the Sonoran Desert Foods Calendar wheel template. The wheel is divided into months, and concentric circles within the wheel represent increments of inches for rain and Fahrenheit degrees of temperature. The temperature graphs are also color coded by 10-degree increments. Essentially these are bar graphs, but because they are shown in the round, interesting shapes are produced that can be compared to other stations and other years.

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