WHEN: October 4, 2014

TIMES: HEAT WAVE! Hands-On Workshops, 10am-1pm; HEAT WAVE Evening Event, 6-10pm

WHERE: Casa Libre en la Solana (228 N 4th Avenue #2 Tucson AZ 85705)

CONTACT: Jill Lorenzini: 520-268-4899; lorenziniworks.com email: jaelle@lorenziniworks.com
Casa Libre: 520-325-9145; www.casalibre.org (www.casalibre.org/programs/manifestcontest/heatwave.html)


What is HEAT WAVE?
HEAT WAVE is a celebration of living in this wide-open, gorgeous, Sonoran Desert bioregion, where extremes of temperature, aridity, and precipitation flavor and test all we feel, do, see, and are. Intense as it feels, the Sonoran Desert is the lushest of all 5 North American deserts; for those who look to see, sustenance and beauty grow here, as does ingenuity. There is a rich history; of not only surviving, but thriving here, relentless summers, sporadic and little rain, and hard-won resources. Here, survival depends on adapting to blowtorch-like summer days that bleed their heat into the nights, and having enough water, using it wisely, and remembering to leave enough for desert plants and creatures, enough so that empty arroyos and rivers once again run free and full, all the way to the sea. HEAT WAVE is a sweet-fierce offering of art and creative work born out of the essence of this unique place we call home: drylands, the desert southwest. HEAT WAVE is an opportunity to translate and transmute its dusty, spare language into colorful images, forms, sounds, and stories that reflect gratitude and awe, reverence and respect, endurance and relief. Please join us!