Summer peaches from Aravaipa Canyon Farms.

Early summer peaches and apricots from Aravaipa Canyon.

In addition to growing food, I also forage the urban and desert wilds for edible treasures there.  Every season holds abundance of some sort.  Different elevations, from surrounding mountain ranges to canyons and riparian areas, offer varied findings.  Much fruit–literally tons–graces city streets and neighborhoods too, but often goes to waste, unharvested.  I want to eat the year!

To that cause, I’m a local fruit aficionado who seeks all types of surplus or unwanted seasonal fruits and nuts to harvest throughout the year.  Seasons are designated as such: Sp=Spring, S=Summer, F=Fall, W=Winter.  I will harvest whatever you don’t want or can’t harvest for trade, payment, or donation, including:

All citrus(W), olive(F), mulberry(Sp), hackberry(Sp/F), wolfberry(Sp/F), prickly pear fruit(S), dragon & other columnar cacti fruit(S/F), barrel cactus fruit (W), plum(Sp), apricot(Sp), loquat(Sp), pear (S), asian pear (S), apple(S/F), quince(F/W), fig (Sp/S), date(F), grapes(S/F), peach(S), sapote(F), jujube(S), mesquite pods(S), foothills palo verde pods(Sp/S), elderberry (Sp/S), ironwood pods(S), etc, & nuts: pecan (W), pistachio (F/W), walnut (W), pinon (W).

From these gleanings, I concoct VAP’s (value-added products) like jams, jellies, syrups, juices, sprouts, flour, conserves, fermented fruit, flavored vinegars and liquers, etc, to share and sell.  I also use the fruits fresh in various ways.  Thanks for your contributions!

CONTACT me for further information and fruit foraging opportunities.